Mission Statement

Roll For A Cure Mission Statement:

My name is Jeremy "Taz" Pauley & I am looking for people willing to support my Foundation Roll For A Cure Spinal Cord Injury Awareness. My mission is to change the lives of those living with debilitating spinal cord injuries by raising SCI awareness to make cities more accessible and help SCI patients afford the prices of technology that will help build independence. I am searching for anyone willing to make donations to build the funding I need to change the lives of all SCI patients. My main focus, however, is going to be building support for Roll For A Cure which can have a huge impact in the lives of those suffering from paralysis if it reaches how I envision things. I have invested hundreds of dollars into making my dream of helping others with spinal cord injuries become a reality through pure determination and hard work. I am always asked what makes me want to help others when there are a lot of things I myself could use help with and the answer is pretty simple. I have fought pretty long and hard over the past 12 and 1/2 years to reach a place in my life where I feel I can finally help other people reach the same place in their lives as well. I would never for all of the money in the world go back to where I have come from as not having a voice from being on a ventilator for over a month, in the beginning, has consistently kept me from giving up even when things have gotten pretty rough. I may not have a working body like most people but I do have a voice that I need to be heard so I can help those that have not regained their voice be heard as well.

I suffered a very tragic C4-C5 spinal cord injury on January 24th, 2007 just 5 days after graduating early on my 18th birthday so that I could start working at Easton mall and get enrolled in college as soon as I could. I was actually telling my friends we had to get in a hurry as I had a job interview in the Abercrombie store at 7 p.m. that night. For whatever reason, as I was running to the truck I decided going down the hill one last time was a great idea even though it resulted in my entire life being changed in an instance. My injury happened around 6:36 p.m. that night so instead of driving to Easton, I was on my way via MedFlight to Grant Medical Center. My injury altered the course of my life forever even though I feel like I have done more in my life as a quadriplegic then I ever would have if my injury would have never happened at all. I would love to have the opportunity to prevent spinal cord injuries in the first place by raising awareness to use common sense and not put yourself in harm's way in the first place. I do understand accidents happen and many of them cannot be prevented which is exactly why we call them accidents and the first place or so my Madre always tells me. I would enjoy more than anything to see spinal cord injuries become a thing of the past however there is no cure which is exactly why I want Roll For A Cure to give spinal cord injury patients as much Independence as humanly possible.

I want to reach out to the tech industry as I know just how much these tech companies are trying to advance adaptive devices because I use a Fire TV box to control my entire environment in my room & Google Home Mini for the bathroom to jam music during my showers. I have been looking around for a company that would sponsor me and help people after a drastic life change from a spinal cord injury. I really think Amazon is one of the few companies with the resources to help me grow my charity to what I see in my mind when I think about where roll for a cure is going. I know big companies do not make accept offers to sponsor people as I read online that companies will reach out to you if they have any interest in partnering with what you’re doing. I am going to cross my fingers and pray this might be an exception because I fully understand how hard it is to function daily after losing your voice begins to cause communication breakdown with everyone around you. Once your accident starts to take effect on your mental/emotional state depression begins sets in and life as you know it is forever changed until you find the correct methods to cope. I learned early on if you are unable to speak the care people provide to you will not be the exceptional Health Care you deserve and you can’t even tell anyone that you deserve better. I have a passion to make a difference which is the entire reason I have been working on things with roll for a cure for as long as I have up to this point. I just need someone with all of the contacts of the multiple companies I’m going to need on my team so I can get devices that will help people learn new ways to control their environment and become independent.

I understand times are extremely tough so the likelihood of getting tons of huge donations is very slim that is why I am trying to use my artistic brain to come up with solutions to problems such as lack of funding, lack of support in the community, and limited manpower. I'm trying to raise awareness and generate funding in many ways such as having a silent auction, printing t-shirts, using gel wristbands to spread the word, having cookouts, and even doing a news segment last winter to raise awareness for using common sense when going out to have fun sled riding. I know this is kind of lengthy I just want people to understand exactly what it is I am trying to accomplish with any of the donations I am collecting from local businesses around Chillicothe Ohio until I can expand things world wide. I mean I do not blame people for being hesitant as the money and products that are going to be auctioned off are people's hard-earned money and livelihood. I really hope all of the time and effort I am trying to get put into my Foundation will be noticed by each and every single one of the people I have been interacting with over the past couple of weeks so we can develop a good working relationship.

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