Price of Roll For A Cure becoming a non-profit!

I've been working towards my goal of creating a non-profit charity to help spinal cord injury patients or hospitals afford equipment used for communicating with care givers. I understand the struggles of being paralyzed from the neck down on a ventilator and needing to answer the life or death questions care givers were asking at the time. I want to be able to raise the funding to begging supplying adaptive equipment to people that currently have limited means of communication. Any donation amount made to Roll For A Cure can be written up on an invoice for your records if need be. I'm hoping to build this charity from the ground up so I leave a positive foot print on earth it's just the problem of securing the start up cash to get there. I have $400 just to set up a professional looking website to host the traffic I'm hoping to get flowing through my page making donations and buying products all benefiting my foundation. The next step is making RFAC a 501(c)(3) organization so I can show private donors and large corporate companies this is a true charity as recognized by the IRS. The crazy thing is you can't just file the 501(c)(3) paperwork with the IRS it requires an accountant to make sure everything is filed and ran correctly. ALL IN ALL just to start a charity it takes at least $1000 of start up which is absolutely ridiculous but I refuse to give up as the need for SCI patients using technology is growing every single day. I have over $1000 tied up so far and can't afford anymore so I may need to take out a loan unless I can find a few others willing to support me as I continue battling to make a positive mark on earth while I'm in a position where I still can.