Fixing Ohio's healthcare system

I've not taken my time laying in bed lightly as I have been working one the nursing shortages here in my home state of Ohio by meeting with my state representative to work on reducing the patient to nurse ratio, increasing the pay of providers, attempting to get Healthcare employees recognized as state employees so they could get state insurance benefits, and a whole handful of other things so that people with developmental disabilities are not at risk of being placed into an institution.

I never wanted to be political in my entire life which is why I wanted to paint cars for a living before having a severe spinal cord injury that left me paralyzed from the neck down. I'm not sure how many people reading this have ever dealt with the American Disability system and our Healthcare but I can promise it has consistently gone downhill since at least 2007. I'll do my best with the resources I have to fight until I make a difference not for myself but for those living with disabilities as a whole because I will never likely see the change in my lifetime. When it comes to the Healthcare System it does not matter whether it is Democrats or Republicans both sides are using the American public to make a profit or at least protecting the major corporations that do which is extremely messed up.

I am constantly updating things on my Facebook and Instagram "Living In Ohio With A Disability" as often as life gives me the opportunity when I'm not in the hospital in critical condition or fighting to make it through a day in the worst pain of my life. I am still having a lot of trouble with my GI which is extremely limiting in my capacity to complete all of the things I see for the future of Developmental Assist but I will be working on the social media here very soon.